Meet Grace, a patient advocate at Christ Community Health Services (CCHS). CCHS offers compassionate physical, mental, social, and spiritual care to the medically underserved of our community. In 2016, CCHS treated almost 60,000 patients in over 153,000 visits at its six medical centers, five dental centers and pharmacies, women’s health center, and mobile clinic.

The two doctors who work in the mobile clinic each see a minimum of 15-20 homeless patients per day. CCHS provides doctor visits, medications, and other services at no cost to these patients. Grace meets with most of them and offers a listening ear, encouragement, and support. She shares with us that because she is a survivor of sexual and domestic abuse, prostitution, homelessness, and drug and alcohol addiction, patients often find it easier to talk and relate to her.

Grace credits CCHS with changing her life six years ago. She tells us that the people there saw greatness in her and were eager for her to grow; they showed her love and compassion. She, in turn, tries to live out her faith each day at her job at CCHS by being a light and an encouragement to others. Grace also serves outside of her job, regularly feeding the homeless in a city park, and counseling women and children at a shelter. She says it is just her way of giving back.

Grace tells us that for 40 years she was serving the wrong god, so she asks God to give her 40 more years to serve and make a difference in the world. Amazing Grace, we are grateful for you, your gratitude, and your work in our world. You are truly making a difference!