Meet Miss Maggie, whose involvement with the Salvation Army stretches back for 40 years. She worked first as a cleaner at its original location, then as a cook at its shelter for women and children. Even her family has been involved in the Salvation Army; today one of her sons serves as an officer. She is a charter member of its community center where she currently attends church and Silver Sneakers exercise classes, taking care of herself while inviting many in her neighborhood to join her.

We visit a class with Miss Maggie and talk with Rehana, her teacher, who tells us more about the Kroc Community Center. It is strategically located to be easily accessible to people from many different neighborhoods and is a safe place for them to come together. Rehana loves how, at the Kroc, people of different ages, races, educational backgrounds, and economic means share the common purpose of doing the most good for themselves and their community, loving their neighbors and themselves. We love watching people work together to take care of themselves while building community and making meaningful changes in themselves and our world in the process.